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    Virtually all industrial and energy goods must undergo a variety of processes to transform them into things that we can actually consume. These transformations can be roughly divided into three categories: transformations in space, transformations in time, and transformations in form. Mellon Technology helps make those transformations happen. We source raw materials, perform various processing to add value, develop and manufacture customized products and move them from where they are plentiful to where and when they are most needed – reliably, efficiently and responsibly.
    Whether you’re a producer, an existing or potential partner in government or business, or an end-user we have the focus, commitment and resources to get our customers closer to achieving their goals. We have the ability to add value at every stage of our customers supply chain, accessing even the most hard-to-reach locations and have the perseverance to overcome all technical, economical and logistic obstacles. Our partnerships with producers are very close and amongst others include offering technical advice, building knowhow together, optimizing production processes as well as providing financial support.

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